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If you’re currently working with a financial adviser, have they ever explained their investment process to you in tangible terms? If you dabble in investments yourself, do you have a clear, accountable and quantifiable methodology? When it comes to asset management, it is essential that you have a rigorous process for investing your money, both for your peace of mind, and for the future performance and growth of your assets.

Financial modelling is when we analysis your current financial position and forecast your future wealth accumulation through a scientific process. Similar to an architecture skyscraper model, we look at your ideal future and create a plan to get there. Creating a financial plan allows you to see your entire financial position and what is needed to achieve your goals. Within a financial plan we will address the major financial concerns and goals for your life. Below you will find a summary of the issues we address and how we can help you prudently plan for the future. 

Our work is not only about growing wealth, we are also committed to protecting it. One of the ways we do this is by incorporating appropriate insurance cover into our comprehensive financial planning models.

Your money is hard earned and you deserve a professional to work hard at protecting it. Sorting through the ocean of financial services can be downright intimidating. It is important to find the financial advisor that is right for you.

Our Commitment to You

Our aim is to be successfully unique – that is, our success will derive from the uniqueness and integrity of our services, ethics, and expertise. We aim to be the asset management/financial planning team of choice within the GCC region. To that end, our commitments to you are to: 

Our Investment Philosophy

For most people, losing money feels bad more than making money feels good. In other words, fear is more powerful than greed. Moreover, if you had $100,000 and lost 50% you would be left with $50,000. In order to get back to $100,000, your $50,000 would need to double and grow by 100%, not 50%. Therefore, in terms of emotions and pure numbers, large losses in a portfolio need to be minimized.

With oftentimes higher disposable income from tax-advantaged expatriate salaries, along with the various financial challenges of expat life, seeking out financial planning and advice is an important step towards achieving financial success and security. However, this may involve navigating the financial services landscape of the region, including issues that are specific to the GCC. 

Qualifications communicate a certain level of commitment to knowledge and ethics . There are numerous financial qualifications throughout the world, but we have mentioned a few of the main qualifications for financial advisors

What Are Our Qualifications?

The top caliber of financial advisors exhibit diligence, integrity, intelligence, and expertise. These qualities can be quite intangible and difficult to read in an adviser; fortunately, qualifications can act as a reliable and widely recognized standard . Professional qualifications communicate meaningful information about the individual’s commitment to their craft. In the same way that Rolex and Mercedes-Benz communicate quality and reliability, similarly professional designations communicate a certain level of trust and dependability .  

Transparency in Compensation

One of the lesser understood issues when it comes to the financial services industry is the manner in which financial advisers are compensated. There is generally a lack of transparency in this area, often due to a lack of voluntary disclosure on the part o f the adviser and/or the investment providers.  

Qualities We Look For In A Client

We seek to create and maintain trusted, mutually beneficial relationships between ourselves and our clients. Just as we would expect an individual to be highly selective and ask questions when choosing a financial adviser, we also look for certain qualities in our clients that give us a good chance of forming a long-running relationship. 

What's Important About Money to You?

Why do you care about money?
Do you desire the emotional security that comes from having enough set aside in case there is an emergency? Maybe you are working hard to save for a comfortable retirement where you can pursue the lifestyle you want. Or perhaps you desire to invest in your children’s education so they can thrive in the world. Each of us has different aspirations and financial goals.