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Our aim is to be successfully unique – that is, our success will derive from the uniqueness and integrity of our services, ethics, and expertise. We aim to be the asset management/financial planning team of choice within the GCC region. To that end, our commitments to you are to:


Provide objective, primarily fee-based advice, in your best interests.
We genuinely care for our clients and seek to cultivate a long-term, trusted and mutually beneficial relationship. We wish to help our clients crystallise what is important money to them and with that knowledge, help them reach their financial goals and live the lives they aspire to.
Most importantly, we always put our clients first, and will have your best interests in mind. Our unique way of doing things means that we are focused on advice, planning and solutions, not on making a sale.

Communicate transparently with regard to compensation and charges
We believe maintaining transparency is vital to establishing trust. For that reason, we will always fully disclose the manner of our compensation and any charges that clients will have to pay. We are primarily fee-based; however, we will sometimes use a policy that charges commissions if it is the best option for meeting a clients’ needs. The key here is honesty and transparency: our clients will not be hit with any ‘hidden costs’ or exorbitantly high commissions. They will get exactly what they pay for.

Deliver what we promise with consistency, responsiveness, due diligence and technical competence
We subscribe to a robust investment philosophy based on momentum-driven, minimum correlation optimisation and post-Modern Portfolio Theory, with a focus on downside risk management. The philosophy is meticulously applied on a monthly basis within a disciplined process to deliver individually appropriate, risk-adjusted returns.

To that end we are constantly vigilant with regard to markets and economics, and we actively manage portfolios - particularly in times of market volatility. During these times we maintain frequent communication with clients, and are willing to make difficult investment decisions when the need arises.

In addition to meeting our clients at least semi-annually, all portfolios are reviewed at least quarterly to ensure they aren’t left behind by changing market conditions. By utilising a measurable, repeatable, quantifiable investment strategy, we ensure that each client is personally and properly looked after.

Make sure that all client partnerships are win/win relationships
We want a long term relationship where both ourselves and our clients reap many benefits, and want to remain engaged in the process. We reach a win/win relationship when the client feels they are gaining value for their money and from our services, and we enjoy working for the client, and wish to continue doing so.

Because we are focused on building a long term, sustainable practice for our clients, we take these commitments very seriously and look forward to the opportunity to discuss our services with you.


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