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Financial modelling is when we analyse your current financial position and forecast your future wealth accumulation through a scientific process. Similar to an architecture skyscraper model, we look at your ideal future and create a plan to get there. Creating a financial plan allows you to see your entire financial position and what is needed to achieve your goals. Within a financial plan we will address the major financial concerns and goals for your life. Below you will find a summary of the issues we address and how we can help you prudently plan for the future.

How much do you need to save in order to fund your child's university education? It's a question every responsible parent must address. Are there tax advantaged investment vehicles specific for education savings? What if my child ends up not going to university? What can I do with the funds I've saved?

Starting a Business

How much money do you need to start a business? When can you expect to earn a profit and have positive cash flow? Whether you are a serial entrepreneur or starting a business for the first time, there are important financial decisions you need to make.

Investing in Property

What sort of investment return can you expect from investing in property? What level of risk are you comfortable taking when buying a property? How will investing in a property affect your overall investment portfolio? Understanding the nuances of a real estate investment is vital to successful investing.


When can you retire comfortably and how much do you need to save to make that a reality? This question is important and can feel hard to find a concrete answer. We can look at where you are currently at financially and find the best solution to achieve your retirement goals.

Estate Planning

Thinking about death can be scary, but it is important that your family is provided for and your desires for your wealth are fulfilled properly.

How Do We Do It? – Magic Number & Monte Carlo Simulations
The problem we face in forecasting the future is the myriad of variables that affect the future and the wide range of possible outcomes. For this reason, we use Monte Carlo simulations: a probability-based modelling tool where assumptions are inputs, the variability of the assumptions are accounted for, random trials are run, all of which result in trial outcomes that show the most likely range and concentration of results. These systems are used widely within multiple sciences and industries but are equally useful for our purposes.
Below is a graph of a Monte Carlo simulation for a hypothetical client. The dark blue line indicates the average expectation for their financial portfolio and the light grey lines indicating the range of future possibilities.
The end result of the financial modelling process is the “magic number”, which is the amount an individual must invest annually in order to secure a high probability of meeting their financial goals. The magic number gives you a concrete number to answer the question “How much do I need to save to achieve my financial goals with a high likelihood?”
By creating a comprehensive financial model we are able to review your desired financial goals and milestones, and analytically plan for the future.


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