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If you’re currently working with a financial adviser, have they ever explained their investment process to you in tangible terms? If you dabble in investments yourself, do you have a clear, accountable and quantifiable methodology? When it comes to asset management, it is essential that you have a rigorous process for investing your money, both for your peace of mind, and for the future performance and growth of your assets.


Our team has a regionally uncommon wealth of talent, knowledge, and technical expertise. We put these skills to use, implementing our investment philosophy in a diligent and disciplined investment process.


Our investment process can be summarized as follows:

  1. Portfolio Optimisation Based on Momentum and Robust Risk Parity. Momentum is a short term strategy where seventeen asset classes covering the generally investable universe (equities, fixed income, alternatives) are ranked based on their trending performance. Those assets are then optimized based on an equalization of their contribution to the portfolio risk according to their volatility and correlation. We want to minimize correlation so that not all the assets are moving in the same direction at the same time. This results in smoother portfolio volatility and, through a full market cycle, better overall returns.
  2. Technical Adjustments. We then confirm or negate the optimiser based on technical indicators that assist with the timing of an allocation shift. The net result is that a portion of the portfolio is driven by technical, quantifiable, short term momentum.
  3. Top Down Value Approach. In a full market cycle, Momentum and Value work best when combined together rather than being used in isolation. We, therefore, add to the Momentum/Technical portfolio a more Value-driven, top down view on macroeconomics, market cycle, asset class, regional/country exposure, and sector.

    - Annually we review our capital market expectations concerning future returns, risk, and correlation of major global asset classes for the next 7-10+ years. With that data we model portfolios on the efficient frontier that will maximize the investment return for each level of risk. The asset class weighting in the model is constrained by the global market cap and an objective benchmark weight. These models form the backbone to our Value approach as we expect value to outperform a pure market cap benchmark over the long run.

    - We will make tactical, short term, minor adjustments to our long term strategic value allocation depending on current market trends

  4. This allocation is not only Value-driven but also downside risk managed as the portfolios are built to not sustain sizeable losses, especially in a potentially recessionary environment.
  5. By combining Momentum and Value above, we then construct model portfolios, generally selecting Exchange Traded Funds and Mutual Funds to represent the asset classes (though we may use individual stocks and bonds). This process is repeated monthly. The final result is a highly researched and well-diversified portfolio, tailored to the needs of each and every one of our clients.

We understand that investing can be difficult and as humans we are error-prone. Therefore, we are continually staying abreast on current investment research, historical trends, and minimize our decision biases. We track all of our major investment decisions, in order that we may better understand which decisions were profitable and which were not. Investing well requires great humility and rigor.


This disciplined process is then applied to individual clients. In line with our emphasis on risk management, we create a risk profile for all of our clients, using the results to analyze the risk tolerance of each and every one of our clients. This means that every client’s portfolio is tailored to the amount of risk they can tolerate: an aggressive investor will be sure to have an adventurous portfolio, while a conservative investor can be guaranteed that their money will be safeguarded above all else.

Finally, we take steps to adjust our portfolios depending on where a client is in life. In our investments, we are not only concerned with growing your wealth, but also protecting that growth. While in the early years of an investment we may take a more adventurous approach, in the latter years we take steps to secure the wealth that has accumulated, protecting it with more conservative allocations.

Many advisors lack a coherent investment philosophy and will invest based on an emotional whim or a gut feeling. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a measurable, repeatable, quantifiable system applied to all our clients to ensure consistent results across the board. In doing so, we believe our hands are the safest hands for ensuring the financial security of our clients.

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