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We seek to create and maintain trusted, mutually beneficial relationships between ourselves and our clients. Just as we would expect an individual to be highly selective and ask questions when choosing a financial adviser, we also look for certain qualities in our clients that give us a good chance of forming a long-running relationship.


Therefore, we look for clients who . . .

Ask tough questions

 People who aren’t willing to ask tough questions haven’t clarified what they’re looking for. Or it may be that they don’t want to ask “silly" questions. By not asking, they don’t understand things such as how they’re being charged, how the advisor is compensated, whether the advisor has a conflict of interest, etc. But at the end of the day, it’s their money and so they should ask tough questions. We welcome these questions because it improves communication, and aligns our expectations.

Excel at what they do

 Our clients are typically successful expatriates: busy executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs. These people are characteristically disciplined, possess a skill set honed by education and experience, and have a diligent work ethic. Those who excel at their profession understand the hard work and dedication required to be successful. Our clients will see the same excellence and dedication they put into their own work reflected in ours, and will consequently appreciate the time and effort we put into our services.

Are busy and self-aware enough to recognise their need for help 

You may ask why such intelligent and accomplished people would require help with their money. Simply put – they’re very busy and focused on their own careers and family. They don’t have the time (or inclination) to properly oversee their own wealth and therefore recognise the need for outside, professional expertise. Moreover, they possess enough self-awareness to realise that when it comes to personal finance, it isn’t simply about their IQ but also their EQ. Everyone needs a little help being more behaviorally focused and disciplined when it comes to their money; it’s merely a matter of whether they recognise that.

Are actively committed to being financially responsible towards their future selves 

Our clients are serious about addressing their financial goals and achieving success as they define it. As a result, they take the financial planning process seriously. They take the time to envision the future, are committed to making work optional and will sacrifice in the present to help secure the future.

Are “good and nice people” 

Just as we hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and business practices, we look for decent, upstanding people as our clients - like-minded people whose values and principles reflect our own. Life is short. We want to spend time with people we enjoy, and this makes the process far more enjoyable for everyone involved!

Do you fit the above description? Then we suspect we have a great chance at having a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership.  

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