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The top caliber of financial advisors exhibit diligence, integrity, intelligence, and expertise. These qualities can be quite intangible and difficult to read in an adviser; fortunately, qualifications can act as a reliable and widely recognized standard . Professional qualifications communicate meaningful information about the individual’s commitment to their craft. In the same way that Rolex and Mercedes-Benz communicate quality and reliability, similarly professional designations communicate a certain level of trust and dependability .

Moreover, qualifications are awarded by professional regulatory bodies. Accountability and regulatory guidelines are present, and holders of qualifications are held to certain standards. In regions, such as the GCC, where governmental regulatory standards are underdeveloped, the high ethical and professional standards set by professional bodies adds an extra level of accountability.

Qualifications are a sign of professionalism. On this team, we are proud of our high level of qualification, a level that is unique in the region.

Vince Truong

Vince is the only fully qualified US CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) practicing in the GCC (at the time of this writing).  The CFP® qualification is equivalent to the UK Chartered Financial Planner designation. The CFP® is the premier qualification in the United States for financial advisors, indicating a high level of expertise in financial planning.

Steven Downey

Steven has completed all 3 levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst exams. Although full qualification as a CFA charterholder requires a few more years of industry experience, his completion of the necessary examinations already makes him more qualified for investment management than is common in the financial advisory industry.

If you’d like to find out more about the high standards this team sets for itself, please contact us to discuss our qualifications, experience, and service standards. With our team, you can be confident in the knowledge of our hard-working, principled, and diligent mindset.

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