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Meet Steven Downey, Associate
and CFA Level III Candidate...


The markets can be complicated. The future is a big investment. Let me help...

I am passionate about providing investment advice to serve the best interest of the client. Aspiring to the highest level of ethics and financial competency, I am a candidate in the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program, having passed all three CFA exams. After graduating magna cum laude with a BBA in Finance from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, the #6 ranked undergraduate business program in the USA according to Bloomberg Businessweek, I worked in accounting, investment advisory, and corporate finance.




The qualities that set me apart:

GLOBALLY MINDED: Deeply concerned about geopolitical and macroeconomic trends and their effects on client portfolios

ANALYTICAL: Focused on due diligence and quality assurance, always looking for robust answers to questions like why is this source reliable, can this be done better, and how will this affect the client

VIRTUOUS: Dedicated to consistent and rigorous ethical standards, treating my clients as I would like to be treated.

WISDOM: Continually absorbing new lessons from experience, research, and literature in order to share my knowledge with others that they may lead a flourishing life

Communicating the complexity of the markets in an understandable way so that clients are informed to make better choices brings me great joy. I provide fee-based asset management, which ensures my interests are aligned with my client’s well-being. Also, I offer comprehensive financial planning and solutions to protect your family’s wealth

Moreover, I am most energized when I am able to provide wise financial counsel and asset management in a way that is most helpful to the client. When my clients feel good about their money and their financial journey, I have succeeded.