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Meet Vince Truong, Partner and CFP®...


Our business is built on long-term relationships of trust; not one-time sales transactions.

We put your best interests first! Our work empowers our clients to live the lives they aspire to, protects their well-being, achieves and maintains their financial freedom, and ensures they can leave behind their desired legacy. Our highly qualified team is invested in cultivating long-term, trusted partnerships with our clients. United by a shared ethos of how to do business and how to serve our clients, each team member brings a unique temperament, skill set, and experience base. In this way, we offer a more balanced and comprehensive service that benefits our clients.



I help clients crystallize what is important about money to them, along with the values, emotional current,  and goals that will drive their lives. I cultivate a long-term, trusted partnership that empowers my clients to live the lives they aspire to,  protects their well-being, achieves and/or maintains their financial freedom and leaves their desired legacy. In doing so, I focus on advice, planning a nd solutions, not on making a sale.

In volatile times, I am actively managing portfolios, communicating with my clients and unafraid to make difficult, and even unpopular, investment decisions in order to secure long-term results. The future cannot be predicted and I do not try to "read the tea leaves." I prefer to focus on repeatable, quantifiable processes, undergirded by a data-grounded philosophy, in conjunction with 13 years of market experience (as of 2017).

My clients usually meet with me semi-annually and I review their portfolios at least quarterly, but occasionally more often as warranted. I am one of the first predominantly fee-based advisors in the UAE. My fees may be hourly, a flat semi-annual fee, or a percentage of Assets Under Management. In some cases, as with life insurance or insurance based products, I may have no other option than to take a commission, but I prefer a fee-based model whenever possible.

I believe in long term, win/win relationships with my clients, treating each one with the proper attention and respect that they deserve.

A little bit about my background . . .

I am the youngest son of the late Louis Tam Truong, a former lieutenant colonel and wing commander in the South Vietnamese Air Force. At the age of three, I immigrated to the US at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 with my parents and three siblings and growing up mostly in California. I’ve been living and working in Dubai as a Partner with Holborn Assets LLC since 2009 and am married my beautiful soulmate, Julie Truong.

Previously, I was a Registered Representative with LPL, the largest U.S. independent broker-dealer, from 2004 – 2009, and I have been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER since 2007. While in the U.S. I held FINRA Series 7 & 66 Securities Licenses in addition to the California Variable Annuity, Life & Health Insurance License. #0D5193.

My favorite pastimes include bicycling with my wife, martial arts, reading and studying (mostly finance related) and concocting gourmet meals (though his wife would not call them that).

I graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy.